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Campana Forni provides to the companies industrial furnaces and machines, all characterized by the high quality of the materials and the expertise of the technicians and the workers involved in the realization process.

Our industrial furnaces are designed by our team, formed by professionals that earned years of experience in this sector. Subsequently, it is our workers job to proceed to the furnace assembly according the project guidelines.

One of the certifications possessed by Campana Forni is the one relative to Industry 4.0. It is a European law, called Circular 4E of 03/30/2017, that makes accessible the incentives linked to business digitalization. This process is called Industry 4.0.

Who we are

[icon icon=”fa fa-building-o” position=”icon-left” title=”COMPELTE SERVICE”]We are able to offer you a turnkey service. We take care of the theoretical phase of analysis and design, as long as the one of the realizations, and then we can also intervene for assistance.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”CUSTOMIZED DESIGN”]Thanks to our team, composed by engineers and specialized workers, we can proceed to a rea customized design. Identifying the customer needs, we develop a project able to effectively reach the goal.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-left” title=”MAINTENANCE AND REVAMPING”]Besides to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, we offer revamping services, taking care of the substitution of one or more elements necessary to the machines functioning, providing ourselves the spare parts.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-truck” position=”icon-left” title=”ONSITE INSTALLATION”]Our service goes beyond the simple production, and includes the transport and the onsite assembly of the furnaces realized. We are, infact, equipped with all the necessary means of transports, even for voluminous machines.[/icon]



Our works respects the 4E Circular of 03/30/2017, that allows to receive the incentives available for the business digitalization, called Industry 4.0.

SWe are also certified according to EN-1090 EXC3, in order to realize carpentry works with the highest standard required by the European laws.

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Our works

Gas switchboard and supervision

Automatic management of process gases with consumption and changing of the range, all automatized via supervision.

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Solubilization plant with methane burners

Solubilization plant with methane burners

Plant completed with automatic translator with methane burners, equipped with automatic charger for uploading and downloading of the pieces. Italiano English

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Post-combustor plant

Plant for complete abatement of the polluting emission of the furnace drain, as required by the D.Lgs 152/2006 related to CE directive. Italiano English

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Drying plant

Drying plant of magnetic sheet with containers of standard industrial metals. Italiano English

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Nitrocarburizing plant

Furnace for pre and post oxidation nitriding and nitrocarburizing treatments. Equipped with post-combustor, gas switchboard with range management at proportional valves, retransmission flow-meter. Italiano English

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Distension plant

Distension of transmission axle furnace with nitrogen cooling, equipped with recovery system able to reduce the consumptions. Italiano English

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Sticking plant

Furnace for sheets sticking on rotor-stator through polymer, maximum single charge of 25 tons. Italiano English

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Solubilization plant with cold water cooling

Plant equipped with automatic translator for cooling in water, with automatic charger for uploading and downloading of the pieces. Italiano English

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Endogas generator

Endothermic generator of 150 N/m3 reach, equipped with automatic system for autoregulation of endogas production for more users. Equipped with analysis system with analyzer. Italiano English

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Pit furnace for cementation heat treatment

Pit furnace for cementation heat treatment with automatic lid opening and heating through methane burners. Italiano English

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Campana Forni Linea automatica

Automatic line with technology of charge movement without dragging

Automatic line for decontamination, solubilization and washer with bridge charger, equipped with nine-stationing warehouse. Italiano English

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Oxi-nitrocarburising plant

Pit furnace for pre and post oxidation nitriding and nitrocarburizing.

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