Vacuum furnace for a precise melting: the Campana Forni design for the heat treatment

The vacuum furnace is more than a simple machine: it is a real method of metal treatments, that allows to reach results that are impossible with the traditional industrial furnaces, and so it is destined to specifical processes.



What distinguishes the vacuum furnace from the annealing one or the nitriding one? Substantially, it is the capability of intervene on materials traditionally considered “difficult”, such as reactive alloys.

Through induction, it is possible to obtain a really precise control of the expansion moments of the material, as long as of its reduction during the cooling phase.

The inside of the vacuum furnace is made up by a chamber, in which the pressure reaches level of 10ˉ³ mbar. The temperature during the melting process go between 1000°C and 2800°C.

Besides, inside the vacuum furnace the temperature is equal in every point, with a maximum difference of 2°C, that is minimum compared to traditional ovens. So, this furnace is really suitable for objects of little and medium dimensions.



This treatment has the merit to work on a piece in which the adulterations are minimum. So, it can be also used for the treatment of precious metals, or for every object for which the precision of the shapes is fundamental.

The cooling phase is equally important, as it consists in the introduction of nitrogen in gaseous state inside the vacuum furnace with a 6 bar pressure.

The really high precision of the entire process is due to the absence of air: the fulling of molds happens only thanks to gravity, excluding in this way the presence of every external particle that could generate imperfections. That’s why its uses belong to different production areas.

There can be different types of vacuum furnace: here in Campana Forni we are able to design and realize it according to your needs. Frontal, top or bottom charge, capacities and temperatures to reach are totally customizable, in order to obtain the best result and the optimization of the resources used.

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