T6 heat treatment of aluminum alloys: tempering and solubilization by Campana Forni

The T6 heat treatment is a metal work process that takes place inside the industrial furnaces. This process refers specifically to stainless steel, that is then defined T6 right for the process to which it is subjected.



When you talk about T6 heat treatment you refer to a stainless steel that underwent the following works:

  • Solubilization
  • Tempering
  • Artificial aging

Solubilization is the first step of T6 heat treatment and consists is a heating process at very high temperatures, up to 575°C, followed by a cooling.

Even tempering has mainly the same purpose, but the cooling is rapid and can be performed with different means.

Right after the tempering, for a limited number of hours, the metal is ductile and easily workable. Then, the artificial aging process concludes the T6 heat treatment, slowly reporting the piece to room temperature.



Campana Forni plans and realizes all the machines and industrial furnaces required for the conduct of T6 heat treatment.

We are, for example, able to realize a solubilization machine with automatic charging for stainless steel T6 heat treatment. This machine has a heating through burner autorecovering with a maximum temperature of 1200°C and turning off in water.

The installation, being modular built, allows a following expansion keeping one charging bridge system. Thanks to the charging station it is possible to automatize the loading and downloading processes, and also to have only one stock area next to production.

Within the T6 heat treatment we also take care of planning and realization of pit furnaces for cementation treatments. With an automatic lid opening, for example, the charging and discharging operations are significantly simplified. The heating is activated by burners methane-powered.

All our industrial furnaces are built following national and international, guidelines regarding the field and with the use of the best materials.

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